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Hey girl, hey!

Welcome to “Cirsten in the City!”

My name is Cirsten (Keer-sten) and I am a 40-something, Indianapolis native who loves all things fashion, culture, and beauty! When I’m not daydreaming about fashion or self-care, you can find me taking care of my family, reading a good book, listening to music, or trying to catch-up with my sister circle. So, why did I create “Cirsten in the City” you ask? Well, the answer is simple...I want to provide an escape not only for myself, but also, for the everyday girl who needs to be reminded that she’s still got it. And not only that...I’ve been sent to remind you that fashion does not have to break the bank, this world can’t steal your joy, and self-care is a MUST! I hope you’ll enjoy this journey with me!







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