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Sister Circle

Hey girl hey!! Let me first start by apologizing for being a little distant, but your girl has had so much going! Shortly after the launch I had a little surgery (you’ll learn I do things and folks find out after), then went back to work, and needless to say it was all pretty overwhelming! I’m happy to report all is well, but I wasn’t feeling like myself at all afterwards. A few weeks post-op it was time to head back to my full-time HR job and I just wasn’t feeling it. I knew I had to go, but being home again had me loving the peace of not being at work. I got used to leggings and sweatshirts again. Not wearing cute clothes or filling in my brows was heaven! It was the peace for me…and it gave me a lot of time to confirm that some of the things I had been feeling were real!!

So, I asked myself, “Outside of being with your family, what’s one thing that makes you happy?” I automatically replied to myself “Dinner and drinks with my GIRLFRIENDS!!!”

** Disclaimer** Listen, all of my girlfriends are not in Indianapolis. A few live out of town…But have no fear you’ll get to meet them via the blog soon enough. Any-who…I had 2 girlfriends I haven’t seen in the same space in over a year due to the pandemic, so I reached out and we planned to meet. I was so excited to see Darleana and Shannon that I barely took any pictures. Needless to say, we had a great dinner and lots of laughs! It felt good to see their faces and hear how they’ve been able to safely navigate this past year. I value the relationship I’ve built with these 2 ladies over the last 10 years, and I look forward to many more.

As a wife, mother, and working professional, I look forward to nights out with friends. It is definitely a time to be myself, dress up, and even talk about things only other wives and mothers could understand. I say all of this to say, I know the pandemic has been rough on us all, but I challenge you to schedule some time to meet up with your homegirls if you’ve not seen them. Pick a cute outfit, a place with great cocktails, put on your favorite lipstick, and wear your mask! I promise it will do your heart some good!

So, here’s your homework this week. YES LADIES.HOMEWORK!

Via Instagram “ Show Me Your Sister Circle”. Tag me in your photos with your girlfriends using #ILoveMySisterCircle, and #CirstenInTheCity. Let me know what these ladies mean to you, and how you’ve been able to navigate friendship throughout the pandemic. I promise to repost you all, and hope that it will encourage us to love on our sisters even more!


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